Thursday, June 2, 2011

Audible App Badges

Many people have asked me if I could put together a list of the 15 badges and what they mean, so here goes. These are the badges I have, and could document for you all.

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Audible App Badges

1. Stenographer
a. (Silver) 10 Bookmarks with a comment.
b. (Gold) 40 Bookmarks with a comment.
c. (Diamond) 125 Bookmarks with a comment.

2. Social Butterfly
a. (Silver) shared 5x
b. (Gold) shared 25x
c. (Diamond) shared 100x

3. Flash 80
a. (Silver) look at your stats 50x
b. (Gold) look at your stats 200x
c. (Diamond) look at your stats 500x

4. Audible Obsessed
a. (Silver) Listening every day for 7 days
b. (Gold) Listening every day for 30 days
c. (Diamond) Listening every day for ? days

5. Weekend Warrior
a. (Silver) 5 hours in one weekend
b. (Gold) 10 hours in one weekend
c. (Diamond) 24 hours in one weekend

6. Repeat Listener
a. (Silver) same audio book 3x.
b. (Gold) same audio book 10x.
c. ( Diamond) same audio book 20x.

7. All Nighter
a. (Silver) listen to 4 hrs at night.
b. (Gold) listen to 6 hrs at night.
c. (Diamond) listen to 8 hrs at night.

8. Marathoner
a. (Silver) listening 16 hours straight.
b. (Gold) listening 18 hours straight.
c. (Diamond) listening 24 hours straight.

9. Undecided
a. (Silver) listening to parts of 3 different titles in one day.
b. (Gold) listening to parts of 15 different titles in one day.
c. (Diamond) listening to parts of 40 different titles in one day.

10. High Noon
a. (Silver) 2 hrs during lunchtime
b. (Gold) 3 hrs during lunchtime
c. (Diamond) 4 hrs during lunchtime

11. The Stack
a. (Silver) – having 50 books in your library.
b. (Gold) – having 200 books in your library.
c. (Diamond) – having 500 books in your library.

12. Mount Everest
a. (Silver) complete a book that is 30 + hours in length
b. (Gold) ?
c. (Diamond) ?

13. 7 day stretch
a. (Silver) Completed 7 books in a single week
b. (Gold) Completed 15 books in a single week
c. (Diamond) Completed 50 books in a single week

14. Binge Listener
a. (Silver) 2 complete books start to finish
b. (Gold) 5 complete books start to finish
c. (Diamond) 10 books start to finish

15. Procrasinator
a. (Silver) ?
b. (Gold) ?
c. (Diamond) ?

Happy Holidays! Download a FREE audiobook today!

-Happy Reading Folks!


  1. Audible obsessed (gold) is listening 30 days straight.

  2. I found your post because I'm curious, procrastination and mount Everist are the only two blank badges I have and I wonder, what are they?

    1. When you click on any badge you've received, it will tell you what landmark you surpassed in order to receive the badge

    2. Mount Everest silver is for completing a title that is over 30 hours.

    3. Hmm...I've probably listened to almost 10 audiobooks that were 30+ hours in the past year and never earned this badge. Must be a darn glitch. Maybe I'll get it with my current book now that I've had to start from ground zero after switching to my login and losing my whole app history...

  3. Silver High noon is 2 hours at lunch

  4. Diamond High Noon badge is four hours over lunch.

    1. Thank you for your input I have added it to the list :)

  5. How do you do the sharing for 'social butterfly'?

  6. I just got the Procrastinator silver badge: "You have more than 20 unfinished books in your library."

  7. Procrastinator silver is having 20+ unfinished books in you library.

  8. 7 day stretch must be extremely hard to get if you listen to books of any length. Also since I've finished probably 100 books I don't understand why I don't have Binge Listener. FYI Procrastinator is for having unfinished books in your library, which I also don't understand because there is only 1 book that I failed to completely listen to.

  9. How does the app figure the lunch time for the High Noon badge? Does anyone know?

    1. I was wondering the same thing; for Kobo it says from 12h-14h but I know for sure that I've listened to way more than 2h during this time frame and I don't have that badge yet :/

  10. I hate that the badges aren't tied to your account. Meaning, they don't transfer from device to device.

    1. Me too!! I was so bummed when I got my new phone and had to start over! :(

  11. I got a procrastinator for buying a book and then not listening to it for 10 months.

  12. The silver level of the Procrastinator badge is for having 10 unfinished books in your library.

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  14. Procrastinator: more than 20 unfinished books in your library.

  15. I've listened every day for 7 days several times, yet don't have the Audible Obsessed badge. Is there a minimum time per day?

  16. If you listen to anything that isn't on a 1X speed it won't count toward the obsessed badge. I've also had my Mt Everest badge vanish and reappear about 10 times.